Why can’t i buy an airsoft gun on amazon in illinois?


In the state of Illinois, it is illegal to purchase or possess an airsoft gun. Airsoft guns are considered to be imitation firearms and are governed by the same laws as real firearms. The only exception to this law is if the airsoft gun is being used for educational or training purposes.

Since 2013, Illinois state law has banned the shipment of airsoft guns that are not brightly colored or solid black. This law was enacted in order to help prevent airsoft guns from being mistaken for real firearms. Amazon does not ship airsoft guns to Illinois addresses in order to comply with this state law.

Why won t Amazon ship airsoft guns to Illinois?

The state of Illinois has updated its laws regarding air guns. Effective July 13, 2012, air guns are no longer considered firearms. However, air guns over 18 caliber must have a velocity below 700 feet per second (FPS). Additionally, air guns are prohibited in Aurora, Illinois.

Illinois law defines a firearm as any device from which a projectile may be expelled through the use of an explosive. This definition includes certain non-powder guns, such as high-power or large caliber non-powder guns. As a result, all purchase, possession and transfer requirements under state law apply to these guns.

Why can’t I order an airsoft gun off Amazon


We are writing to you to inquire about the legalities of shipping an airsoft gun. We are a private carrier and are wondering if there are any laws regarding the sale of an airsoft gun or any other type of device that launches a projectile. We appreciate your time and would appreciate any information you can provide.

Please be advised that airguns are restricted in the following areas: New York City, NY, its boroughs (Zip Codes 100xx-104xx and 111-114xx, 116xx), New Jersey, Chicago IL and Washington DC. We cannot ship CO2, blank ammo or select PCPs to Puerto Rico, Guam, Alaska, Hawaii, overseas, or anywhere requiring air shipment due to shipping restrictions.

Can you buy airsoft guns online in Illinois?

Airsoft guns are popular among people of all ages, but in Illinois, you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase one. Some cities in Illinois have made it illegal to ship or distribute airsoft guns, so be sure to check your local laws before making a purchase. In most Illinois cities, you can legally remove the orange blaze tip from the barrel of an airsoft gun once purchased.

In order to purchase firearms, ammunition, a stun gun or a taser, muzzleloaders and a BB/pellet gun which expels a single globular projectile exceeding 18 inches in diameter AND which has a maximum muzzle velocity of 700 feet per second or faster, Illinois residents need a FOID card.why can't i buy an airsoft gun on amazon in illinois_1

Can I buy a gun online if I live in Illinois?

An Illinois Resident may purchase any firearm, which is legal to own in Illinois, from an out-of-state source. The transaction is always subject to a background check.

1920 Illinois Compiled Statute 535, or Air Rifle Act, makes it illegal to sell, give, or rent an Air Rifle to anyone under the age of 13.

Can a felon own a airsoft gun in Illinois

It is unlawful for a person to knowingly possess on or about his person or on his land or in his own abode or fixed place of business any firearm or any firearm ammunition if the person has been convicted of a felony under the laws of this State or any other jurisdiction.

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Federal Firearms License (FFL)

Customers holding a Federal Firearms License (FFL) may ship firearms with FedEx. Customers holding an FFL must enter into an approved FedEx Firearms Shipping Compliance Agreement before shipping any firearms with FedEx.

Can I ship Airsoft gun via USPS?

Air guns that do not fall within the definition of firearm under 121 1a are mailable. A shipment containing an air gun with a muzzle velocity of 400 or more feet per second (fps) must include an Adult Signature service under 5038.

In light of recent events, we have decided to remove any items from our website that resemble assault-style rifles, including nonlethal airsoft guns and toys. We feel that this is in the best interest of our customers and our company. Thank you for your understanding.

Are airsoft guns allowed in Chicago

You may not possess or fire an air rifle or even a toy cannon or BB gun anywhere in Chicago. A replica air rifle which can be easily mistaken for a cartridge firearm like a rifle or shotgun is also prohibited unless it is used at a carnival (such as shooting targets like moving metal ducks).

It is important to note that Illinois generally prohibits a person from knowingly carrying or possessing a firearm in any vehicle. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as if the person is in their own home, land, fixed place of business, or as an invitee on the land or in the legal dwelling of another person as an invitee with that person’s permission. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in serious penalties.

Is a .22 air rifle considered a firearm?

Airguns are classified as firearms for legal purposes in many countries. In the United States, airguns are regulated as firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). In Canada, airguns are classified as either restricted or non-restricted firearms, depending on the muzzle energy of the gun.

If you are a company in Cook County, IL registered as a FFL, we can ship ammunition to you. We will need a copy of your FFL on file. You can email it to or fax it to 561-431-3963.why can't i buy an airsoft gun on amazon in illinois_2

What prevents you from buying a gun in Illinois

There are a few convictions that will lead to an automatic denial of a FOID card application. These include any kind of forcible felony conviction within 20 years of the application, certain types of felony drug convictions, any conviction within the last 5 years for battery or assault with a firearm, or a juvenile adjudication that’s a forcible felony equivalent.

There are many laws governing airsoft for kids. It is recommended to start playing airsoft at the age of 18. Kids under the age of 18 are not allowed to play on the field. They need to be supervised by an adult at all times. In addition, they are not allowed to carry any airsoft guns with them.

Can I carry a gun in my glove box in Illinois

A person with a valid FOID card may transport a firearm anywhere in their vehicle or on their person, as long as the firearm is unloaded and enclosed in a case, firearm carrying box, shipping box, or other container. This is in accordance with the Unlawful Use of Weapons (UUW) in the Criminal Code.

The purpose of the Firearm Owners Identification Card law is to ensure that people who wish to possess firearms are of age to do so. However, the law does allow for people under the age of 21 to possess firearms if they have written consent from their parents. This consent must be in the form of a notarized letter, and the parent or guardian must expressly state that they are providing their child with permission to possess and use firearms.

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Can I carry a gun on my own property in Illinois

In 2013, Illinois adopted the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, which allows individuals who obtain a valid license to carry concealed handguns in public. A license is not needed to carry a concealed handgun on a person’s own property, including his or her home or fixed place of business.

If you are caught with an illegal handgun, you will be guilty of a Class 4 felony. This means that you can be punished by jail time for one to three years, a fine of up to $25,000, or both. If you are caught with an illegal handgun, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options and defenses.

Can a 16 year old get a FOID card in Illinois

Yes, a minor can apply for a FOID Card as long as they have a sponsor who is a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian does not have to have a FOID Card, but must be eligible for a FOID Card.

It is against the law to privately own an NFA weapon, such as an AK-47, in Illinois. Doing so could result in criminal charges being brought against you. If you are caught with an AK-47 in your possession, you could be facing serious penalties, including jail time.

Can a 15 year old own an airsoft gun

Even though you need to be over 18 to buy an airsoft gun, anyone can use one as long as they are supervised by a parent at all times. We recommend that anyone using an airsoft gun be over the age of 12.

As mentioned, Airsoft is considered illegal in various countries due to its lifelike replicaguns.importing these guns into some countries is also prohibited. In general, Airsoft is regulated by concerned laws and agencies in each country. It is advisable to check with these regulating bodies for the specific laws and regulations of the country you are in before playing the game.

What FPS airsoft legal

The site FPS limit for all Weapons capable of full auto firing is set at 350 FPS. This ensures that all players are on a level playing field, and prevents any one player from having an unfair advantage.

If you are convicted of a felony, you will automatically lose your ability to have or obtain a FOID card. In order to restore your eligibility, you must demonstrate to the State Police Director or a county court judge that you have not been convicted of a violent or forcible felony in the last 20 years.

What guns can you legally own in Illinois

The minimum age for purchase of a long gun in Illinois is eighteen years of age, while the minimum age for purchase of a handgun is twenty-one years of age.

The NRA is opposed to the new Justice Department rule that treats ghost guns like other firearms made and sold in the United States. The NRA believes that this new rule will make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to possess firearms, and will also make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to build their own firearms.

Does UPS ship airsoft guns

UPS does not accept automatic weapons, including machine guns, for shipment, either domestically or internationally. UPS does not accept Firearms or Firearm Parts for shipment internationally.

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The FFL is an important license for businesses that deal in firearms and ammunition, as it ensures that these businesses are operating within the bounds of federal law. To obtain an FFL, businesses must submit an application to the ATF and pay a fee. The application process includes a background check for the business and its owners, as well as a review of the business’s premises, inventory, and security procedures. Once a business has been issued an FFL, it must comply with all federal laws and regulations pertaining to firearms and ammunition, including keeping accurate records of all transactions.

What guns can be shipped to you

If you want to ship a firearm through the US Mail, you must have an FFL (Federal Firearms License). Only long-guns, rifles and shotguns can be shipped by non-FFLs.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has specific regulations regarding the mailing of firearms and air guns. Parcels containing these items must be opened by the mailer in order to be processed, and the mailer must provide written certification that the weapon is unloaded and not concealable. Short-barreled rifles or shotguns that can be concealed on the person are not mailable.

Can you transport airsoft guns on a plane

If you’re traveling with a gun, it must be placed in a locked, hard-sided case that cannot be easily pried open. If your case can be easily pried open, it will not be accepted. This applies both to stand-alone cases and to cases placed inside another piece of checked baggage.

ALWAYS wear shooting glasses when handling a airgun, even if it is not currently loaded. This will protect your eyes in case of an accident.

ALWAYS check to see if the airgun is on safe when receiving it from another person or taking it out of storage. This will help to prevent accidental discharge.

Can a 16 year old buy a BB gun at Walmart

I applaud Walmart’s decision to raise the minimum age for gun purchases, and to stop selling items resembling assault-style rifles. This is a progressive and responsible move on their part, and I hope that other gun retailers will follow suit.

Walmart’s return policy does not include any firearms or ammunition for firearms sold by the store. It also doesn’t cover airsoft and air guns, BB guns, or crossbows that may have been purchased at the retailer.


There are a few reasons why you might not be able to buy an airsoft gun on Amazon in Illinois. First, Amazon might not ship airsoft guns to Illinois due to state laws. Second, even if Amazon does ship airsoft guns to Illinois, the gun might not be legal to possess in the state. Illinois has strict laws governing the use and ownership of airsoft guns, so it’s important to check the state laws before purchasing an airsoft gun.

There are a few reasons why you cannot buy an airsoft gun on Amazon in Illinois. First, airsoft guns are considered weapons under Illinois law. That means that they can only be sold by licensed firearms dealers. Second, even if you could find a licensed dealer selling airsoft guns on Amazon, the gun would have to be shipped to a licensed Illinois firearms dealer for you to pick it up. This is because Amazon does not allow the direct shipment of firearms to consumers.

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