Where to order custom airsoft gun parts in us?


If you’re looking for the best place to order custom airsoft gun parts in the US, look no further than We offer a wide selection of parts and accessories to choose from, and our team of experts are always available to help you find the perfect piece for your needs. Plus, we offer a lowest price guarantee on all of our products, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal around. So what are you waiting for? Order your custom airsoft gun parts today!

You can order custom airsoft gun parts from a variety of sources in the United States. Some popular sources include Airsoft GI, Evike, AMS, and ActionVillage. Many of these retailers have online stores that you can browse and purchase parts from.

Is evike com a trusted site?

Evikecom Inc is the world’s most trusted, leading distributor, innovator, and developer of Airsoft training equipment. They are also the exclusive representation, service center, and maker of many of the premier Airsoft brands in the sporting, training and commercial markets.

In some states, Airsoft guns are considered “legal firearms.” This means that if you live in one of these states and get caught with an Airsoft gun without a proper license, you could get into serious trouble. If you’re considering getting an Airsoft gun, make sure to check your state’s laws first.

Can you customize an airsoft gun

If you’re a fan of the M4 airsoft gun, we’ve got some great news for you – we’re now offering even more options to customize your gun! With our new selection of M27-style lower receivers, you can easily drop in newly added uppers with different rail systems, including the KeyMod handguard. So if you’re looking to build an even more unique and custom airsoft gun, be sure to check out our new options! is the leading retailer and distributor of airsoft guns, rifles, parts, and accessories. They offer a wide selection of products for all levels of airsoft enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced players. is also a great resource for airsoft news, reviews, and information.

Who is the owner of Evike?

Evike Chang is the CEO of Evikecom Inc, and he has over 20 years of experience in the retail industry. He has a strong background in marketing and operations, and he has a passion for customer service. He is a strategic thinker and a strong leader, and he is always looking for new ways to improve the company. He is a great communicator and motivator, and he is always willing to help out the employees. He is a great asset to the company, and I am sure that he will continue to be a great leader in the future.

Please note that orders placed on the ground may take 1-3 business days to ship excluding weekends and holidays. If you need your order sooner, please consider selecting an express shipping option. Express orders placed before 1:00PM PST will ship the same day (excluding weekends and holidays). Please note that international orders may take an extra 2-3 days to ship due to special handling requirements.where to order custom airsoft gun parts in us_1

Can gun parts be shipped in the US mail?

Handgun frames, receivers, and other parts or components regulated under Chapter 44, Title 18, USC may not be mailed. Mailers are also subject to applicable restrictions by governments of a state, territory, or district.

If you are wanting to ship firearms through FedEx, you must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. You must also enter into a FedEx Firearms Shipping Compliance Agreement before shipping any firearms.

Can UPS ship airguns

UPS does not accept automatic weapons, including machine guns, for shipment, either domestically or internationally. UPS also does not accept Firearms or Firearm Parts for shipment internationally. If you attempt to ship a Firearm or Firearm Part via UPS, your shipment will be rejected.

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The velocity of an airsoft gun should not exceed 500 feet per second, or 231 joules of energy. The minimum engagement distance should be 100 feet. We reserve the right to disallow any airsoft gun that does not meet these standards.

What FPS airsoft legal?

350 FPS is the site limit for all Weapons capable of full auto firing.

Paintballs have more than 10 times the energy that airsoft BBs carry. This is because paintballs have a lot more surface area than a 6mm BB. When hit by a paintball, it is going to hurt a lot more than being hit by an airsoft BB.

What is the most powerful airsoft gun FPS

The KWC M712 CO2 airsoft pistol has one of the highest power levels of all pistols on this list shooting at a whopping 420 FPS. Based on the Mauser Schnellfeuer 712 Broomhandle, this pistol is not for beginner airsoft players. If you are looking for a powerful airsoft pistol, the KWC M712 CO2 is a great option.

When playing airsoft, it is important to keep your gun’s FPS (feet per second) within a certain range. This is to prevent injuring other players, as too high of an FPS can cause serious injury. The FPS range you should stay within is 330-360 FPS. This way, whether your target is 2 meters or 20 meters away, you’re still going to hit your target without injuring them.

What does AEG mean in airsoft?

AEGs are becoming increasingly popular in the airsoft world as they offer a high rate of fire and are generally more reliable than gas-powered gun. However, they do have some drawbacks – they can be more expensive than gas guns and the batteries need to be regularly charged.

Evike Chang is an entrepreneur and businessman who is best known for founding and serving as the CEO of, an online retailer specializing in airsoft gun products. Chang attended the University of Southern California, where he studied business administration. He is a board member of the Airsoft Consumer Protection Coalition.where to order custom airsoft gun parts in us_2

Who is EMG Airsoft

EMG has been extremely successful in their mission, creating some of the most realistic training weapons on the market. These weapons are used by law enforcement and military units all over the world, as well as by many private security companies. EMG’s products are also popular among airsoft enthusiasts, who use them for war-game simulations.

Wearing eye protection is very important while on the field. Goggles must be ANZI 871+ rated in order to protect your eyes from potential injury. If your goggles are fogging up, it is best to leave the field to wipe them down. Going to a quiet area of the field is not a good idea as there could be enemy players around.

Can I ship an airsoft gun through USPS

An air gun is a type of gun that uses compressed air or other gases to launch Projectiles. Air guns that do not fall within the definition of “firearm” under 121.1a are mailable. A shipment containing an air gun with a muzzle velocity of 400 or more feet per second (fps) must include an Adult Signature service under 5038.

We are an American company with warehouses all over the world. Our online store is fulfilled from our Hong Kong warehouse, and we have been shipping daily from there to the US since 1998. We provide great products at great prices, and we are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers.

Can I import gun parts from the USA

A customs bond is a financial guarantee that ensures that any duties and taxes owed to the government will be paid, even if the importer fails to pay them.

Rules and regulations surrounding the import of gun parts and accessories can vary from country to country, so it’s important to research the requirements of the country you’re importing into before shipping any goods.

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In the United States, for example, gun parts and accessories are subject to the same import restrictions as firearms. That means that anyone importing gun parts and accessories into the US must first obtain a federal firearms license, and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

We were recently informed by UPS that any package found in their system that is determined to have been tendered by GHOST FIREARMS may be seized and destroyed. We want to make our customers aware of this so that they can make alternative shipping arrangements if they choose to do business with GHOST FIREARMS.

Is UPS no longer shipping firearms

Shipments containing Firearm Products are accepted for transportation only from shippers who are federally licensed and have an approved UPS agreement for the transportation of Firearm Products.

An FFL is required in order to legally perform these activities, and it is illegal to engage in these activities without a license. There are different types of FFLs, and each type allows for different activities to be conducted. The most common type of FFL is the Class III license, which allows for the manufacture and sale of guns and ammunition. Other types of licenses include Class I (which allows for the manufacture of ammunition only), Class II (which allows for the sale of firearms only), and Class VII (which allows for the importation of firearms only).

Individuals who wish to obtain an FFL must first submit an application to the ATF. The application must include a fee, as well as a set of fingerprints and photographs. Once the application is submitted, the ATF will conduct a background check on the applicant. If the background check is cleared, the applicant will then be required to take a written exam.

After the written exam has been passed, the applicant will be interviewed by an ATF representative. If the interview is successfully completed, the applicant will then be issued a license. There is no set time frame for the issuing of a license, and it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.


Can you get in trouble for shipping ammo

Sending ammunition through the mail is against federal law and can result in severe penalties. This includes small arms ammunition, which can pose a significant danger to Postal employees, equipment, and customers. If you are caught sending ammunition through the mail, you could be subject to civil and criminal charges.

If you are a private owner of the gun being sold and not a business selling retail, you don’t need to have a orange tip on the gun. It’s federally mandated that all companies when selling their airsoft guns need to have a orange tip on them when being sold to the customer. Past that, it doesn’t matter.

Can you fly with airguns

Please be advised that paintball markers are not allowed to be carried in carry-on baggage. However, they may be carried in checked baggage without a compressed air cylinder attached. For more information on prohibited items, please visit the ‘What Can I Bring?’ page on the TSA website.


We regret to inform you that Walmart’s return policy does not include any firearms or ammunition for firearms sold by the store. It also doesn’t cover airsoft and air guns, BB guns, or crossbows that may have been purchased at the retailer. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Are airguns good for survival

A pellet gun is an excellent tool for taking down small game. While people have used them to take down larger game such as wild boars, they are best suited for small game. Hunting small game is a great way to get food in a survival situation.

A 400 FPS airsoft gun can shoot up to 200 feet effectively. However, high-quality sniper rifles in the same FPS range can sometimes reach up to 300 feet.

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How long does airsoft last

Airsoft games typically last between 15 to 30 minutes. Each airsoft game has a unique set of objectives and unique respawn rules which change the length of gameplay. Airsoft games are a great way to have fun and relieve stress.

Airsoft guns are designed to shoot small, plastic BBs at a speed of 200-450 feet per second. They are not made to kill people, but can cause serious injury if not used properly. Always wear eye and ear protection when using an airsoft gun, and be sure to never point the gun at anyone’s head or face.

What does 500 fps mean in airsoft

In order to understand how fast your BB is traveling in feet per second, you’ll need to know a little bit about the science of air resistance. Air resistance is a force that opposes the motion of an object as it moves through the air. The faster an object moves, the more air resistance it encounters.

Most airsoft BBs have a diameter of around 6mm, which is relatively small. This means that they experience a lot of air resistance as they travel through the air. In general, the heavier the BB, the more air resistance it will experience.

As a result, it’s difficult to achieve high speeds with airsoft BBs. The vast majority of airsoft guns have muzzle velocities between 240 and 400 FPS. While some guns are capable of firing BBs at speeds of up to 700 FPS, these are rare and generally not very practical for airsoft games.

So, there you have it! Now you know a little bit about how air resistance affects the speed of airsoft BBs, and why most airsoft guns have muzzle velocities of 240-400 FPS.

Yes, Airsoft guns can fire metal BBs. However, most airsoft guns are built to sustain the impact of a plastic BB. Depending on the weight of a metal BB, you might find the distance of your shot affected, too.

Is it OK to reuse Airsoft BBs

You shouldn’t reuse airsoft BBs because they can become damaged pretty fast and may shatter inside your gearbox while being shot again.

If you’re looking for a pain-free way to play airsoft, then you’ll be happy to know that getting shot with an airsoft gun is nowhere near as painful as getting shot with a real gun. So go ahead and enjoy yourself – just don’t shoot anyone in the eye!

Does it hurt to get shot by an airsoft gun

nonetheless, always consult with a trusted medical professional to ensure you’re not risking any potential injuries.

BB guns are far more dangerous than Airsoft guns because they fire small metal or lead BBs. These BBs can potentially kill someone depending on the strength of the gun. Airsoft guns, on the other hand, only fire a plastic projectile. This makes them much safer for recreational use.

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best place to order custom airsoft gun parts will vary depending on the specific parts you need and your personal preferences. However, some good places to start looking for custom airsoft gun parts include online retailers specializing in airsoft guns and accessories, as well as custom airsoft gun builders. You may also be able to find what you’re looking for by searching for airsoft gun parts on online auction sites or classifieds ads.

If you are looking for custom airsoft gun parts in the United States, there are a few different places that you can check out. You can look online at sites like Amazon or eBay, or you can check out some of the specialty airsoft stores that are located in various states. No matter where you end up finding what you’re looking for, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get the custom airsoft gun parts that you need.

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