What airsoft aeg gun shoots far?


An airsoft AEG gun is a powerful and accurate airsoft rifle that can shoot BBs at a high velocity. Airsoft AEGs are battery-powered and use an electric motor to propel the BBs. These guns are realistic replicas of real firearms, and are often used in airsoft competitions and skirmishes. Airsoft AEGs are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be customized with different grips, stocks, and scopes.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the type of airsoft AEG gun, the type of BBs used, the weight of the BBs, the Hop-Up setting, and the wind conditions. In general, however, airsoft AEGs with a longer barrel will shoot further than those with a shorter barrel.

How far can 400 fps go?

This is a very high rate of fire, and depending on the gun, it may not be able to maintain this rate of fire for very long. You would expect an effective range of 40 yards with this gun.

We would like to remind all players that velocity not to exceed 500fps, or 231 joules max, with a 100′ minimum engagement distance. We also remind players that biodegradable BBs are mandatory. There are no exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

What is the most powerful airsoft gun

The KWC M712 CO2 airsoft pistol is a great gun for anyone looking for a powerful pistol. It has a high power level, shooting at 420 FPS, and is capable of shooting in semi and full auto. It also has a great speed and kick, making it a great gun for anyone looking for a powerful pistol.

When you are first starting out, you can expect to be able to hit targets accurately at about 40 yards. However, as you upgrade your equipment, you can expect your range to increase, on average, to about 70 yards. Some high-end builds have even been known to be accurate at over 100 yards.

Is 500 FPS lethal?

Below 350 fps, a pellet gun is generally considered capable of only limited harm. Above 350 is considered very harmful or lethal. You go into the skull probably at around 500.

The effective range of an airsoft gun is determined by a number of factors, including the type of gun, the type of ammo, the weight of the ammo, the wind, and the shooting platform. AEGs have a shorter range than most airsoft guns, due to the fact that they fire a relatively light weight BB. Sniper rifles, on the other hand, have a much longer range, due to the fact that they fire a heavier weight BB. The weight of the BB, along with the wind, determines the effective range of an airsoft gun.what airsoft aeg gun shoots far_1

How many FPS is paintball?

Paintball Velocity is the industry standard for safe play. The maximum velocity for safe play is 300 FPS (feet per second), about 91 meters per second. Paintball involves shooting paintballs at high speeds from a paintball gun at another player. The goal is to tag the other player with the paintball, whichbreaks upon contact and leaves a paint mark.Players must wear protective clothing, including a mask, to prevent injury.

BB guns can shoot faster than 60 meters per second, but are often less powerful than a conventional pellet airgun. Pellet airguns have the ability to fire considerably faster, even beyond 170 meters per second.

How many FPS is a good airsoft sniper

The main thing to keep in mind when playing airsoft is that you want to keep your FPS (feet per second) rate between 330 and 360. This is to prevent any potential injuries to other players. It doesn’t matter if your target is 2 meters or 20 meters away–you’ll still hit your target.

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The most painful airsoft guns are the 40mm grenade launcher and the M134 minigun. These guns are incredibly painful to shoot, and even just being near them when they’re firing is enough to cause pain.

What hurts less airsoft or BB?

even though airsoft guns fire plastic BBs, they can still pack a bit of a punch. While getting shot with a plastic BB from an airsoft gun is not as painful as getting shot with a steel BB from a BB gun, it can still be quite painful. This is because steel BBs are usually fired from far more powerful airguns.

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing with airsoft guns to minimize the chances of pain. First, always wear eye protection. Airsoft BBs can travel at high speeds and can cause serious eye injuries. Second, be sure to shoot at targets that are covered in a layer of something soft – like foam or fabric. Airsoft BBs can sting if they hit bare skin, so it’s important to protect yourself. Lastly, try to avoid getting shot in sensitive areas, like the face, groin, or kidneys. If you do get hit in a sensitive area, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.

What is the longest airsoft shot

Custom made by Bob Chandler and part of his world record setting sniperscale course, the target in question is a 1/6th scale action figure. Located in North Carolina, the course is designed to allow long range airsoft snipers the opportunity to simulate real sniper conditions.

In their stock form, both have a rough effective range of about 25yards. Of course, this will vary a bit depending on the BB you use, but the short answer to your question is about 25-yards.

Is 300FPS good for airsoft?

Most people think that 300FPS is too slow for a pistol, but it is actually completely fine. This is because pistols are primarily meant to be used in close-quarters. Most targets in close quarters environments are within 25 feet, so 300FPS is more than enough to reach that distance effectively.

Emergency physicians should be aware that non-power guns can cause serious injury, even though most people tend to underestimate the severity of such injuries. Missiles from BB and pellet guns can penetrate skin, eye, thorax, and abdomen, and can even cause bone fractures.what airsoft aeg gun shoots far_2

How many FPS is a 22

The most common 22 LR uses a bullet weighing between 36 and 40 grains traveling between 1080-1260 feet per second. However, some low-velocity loads travel much slower, like Federal’s American Eagle Rimfire Suppressor. These loads are designed specifically for use with a suppressor, and they create much less noise when fired.

BBs are typically made of steel and have a tendency to ricochet moreso than pellets. BBs are usually used for plinking in the backyard due to their lack of aerodynamic properties which make them less accurate than pellets.

Do heavier BBs increase range

In general, heavier BBs will travel further than lighter ones. This is because they have more momentum and are less affected by air resistance. Higher-quality guns will also have a greater range than lower-quality ones. This is because they have better-quality barrels that are more precise. It’s also important to learn how to lead your target when shooting at longer ranges. This means aiming ahead of the target so that the BB will hit the target when it reaches the correct range.

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AEGs are a popular choice for airsoft guns because they are usually more reliable and have a higher rate of fire than other types of airsoft guns. AEGs can be powered by either NiMH or LiPo batteries, so you can choosing the type of battery that best suits your needs.

What is the highest FPS allowed in airsoft

There is no one definitive answer to this question – it depends on the field or venue in question. In general, however, the most commonly used limit is 13J, which corresponds to 374-375 FPS when measured with 0.20g BBs. On larger fields, snipers may have a higher muzzle energy allowed (but with a longer minimum engagement distance), while at CQB sites, lower muzzle energy is likely to be the rule.

The average paintball player uses approximately 200 paintballs per hour of play. You can adjust this number depending on your mood and level of competitiveness. If you need to get out some aggressions, you can estimate to add about 100 more. If you want to relax more and just have fun, you can subtract 100.

How long does 100 balls last in paintball

We would say that the minimum amount of paintballs you would need for a day of action would be around 100 paintballs a game. This would allow you to have plenty of ammunition to take down your opponents and have a lot of fun.

The nature of a bullet wound is affected by both the velocity and mass of the bullet. Velocity is classified as low (<1000 fps), medium (1000 to 2000 fps), and high (>2000 fps). Low velocity bullets tend to cause “crushing” wounds, while high velocity bullets tend to cause “punching” wounds. The mass of the bullet also affects the nature of the wound, with larger bullets causing more damage than smaller bullets.

How far can a BB gun shoot in feet

Air guns are a type of gun that uses compressed air, gas, or a spring piston to propel a skirted lead pellet or a copper plated BB. The average maximum effective range of a BB gun is 15 feet and a pellet gun is 33 feet.

Performance and power are significant factors to consider when choosing between an Airsoft gun and a BB gun. Metal BBs are smaller in size and far denser than plastic Airsoft ammo. This ultimately means they can penetrate a target far more effectively.

Is 200 fps good for a BB gun

It’s important to note that most lower end airsoft guns have a muzzle velocity of around 200fps, while high-end options can fire at 400fps. To contextualise this, shooting a pellet at 145fps equates to it travelling at around 100mph. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that a high FPS doesn’t always guarantee quality.

The primary way of measuring the speed of a BB which is shot out of an airsoft gun is feet per second (FPS). Without stating the obvious, this is a measurement of how many feet the BB will travel through the air in one second.

What FPS airsoft legal

The 350 FPS limit for fully automatic weapons is a site-wide rule designed to promote safety and fair play. This limit ensures that players can’t injure other players with high powered weapons, and also makes sure that players with slower firing weapons don’t have an unfair advantage.

Airsoft pellets can cause serious eye injuries, even blindness, if people do not wear protective eyewear. The AAP recommends that people of all ages wear paintball-style protective eyewear when playing airsoft.

Is airsoft harder than paintball

Paintball guns fire round balls of paint that are larger and heavier than airsoft BBs. Because of this, paintballs carry more energy and will cause more pain than airsoft BBs. Paintballs also have a larger surface area than BBs, which makes them more likely to break on impact.

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In many countries, it is considered legal to play airsoft only if you are above the age of 18. The main reason for this is because airsoft is a very dangerous game and there have been many cases where people have been injured from being hit by a ball or falling on the range. If you are under the age of 18, it is recommended that you start playing airsoft only under the supervision of an adult.

Can airsoft guns break skin

Be careful when handling airsoft guns, as they can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Always shoot from a distance, and be sure to wear appropriate protective gear when handling these guns.

It is recommended that players dress appropriately in pants and a jacket (like a hoodie or sweatshirt) Gloves are also recommended. We do not have clothing, gloves or shoes available for rent.

Does paintball hurt vs airsoft

As there is a considerable difference in the sizes of ammunition, Airsoft strikes hurt less than Paintball hits. Due to the higher impact rate of paintballs, you will often see professional paintballer wear lightweight armour similar to motorcross armour and always sporting full-face protection.

There are a lot of variables that go into whether or not a BB will break a car window, including the type of glass, the thickness of the glass, and the BBs themselves. From my personal experience, I can tell you that a 380FPS airsoft gun shooting 023g BBs will not break a car window if you’re 20 feet away. I’ve even seen a shot from a 550FPS sniper rifle bounce off a car window.

Does an airsoft gun feel like a real gun

Airsoft guns may not be exact replicas of real guns, but they can still be great for practicing shooting and other gun-related skills. The trigger pull and recoil may not be exactly the same, but with some practice, you can still get a feel for how a real gun behaves. And although you can’t practice reloading and malfunctions as well with an airsoft gun, you can still get a general idea of how those things work. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide whether airsoft is a good enough approximation of the real thing.

Airsoft guns are reasonably safe as long as everyone involved is taking proper safety precautions. Although the pellets fired from airsoft guns can sting, they are not typically fatal. Airsoft guns can be used for sport or recreation, and are a popular choice for paintball and other similar activities.


There is no one definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the specific airsoft gun in question as well as theBBs being used. However, in general, airsoft guns with longer barrels tend to shoot further than those with shorter barrels. Additionally, using high quality BBs can also help increase the distance an airsoft gun can shoot.

While there are many different types of airsoft AEG guns that are available on the market, it is typically the sniper rifles that are going to shoot the farthest. This is due to the fact that they are designed with a longer barrel, which gives the BBs a straighter and more consistent path to travel down. If you are looking for an airsoft gun that can shoot farther than most, then a sniper rifle is likely your best bet.

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