How to use airsoft gun?


With your airsoft gun, it’s important to know how to load and shoot.

  • Loading the magazine:
  • Open the bolt cover and pull back on the charging handle.
  • Load BBs into each individual hole until full (about 200-300 rounds). Do not overfill! You don’t want them spilling out as you fire your weapon. And don’t use steel BBs; they can damage your gun’s inner barrel and make it less accurate.* Shooting an Airsoft Gun:1) Safety check – Always make sure that your weapon is safe before shooting by doing a quick check of all parts: no rounds in chamber; bolt locked back; magazine removed from gun; safety engaged (if applicable); chamber clear (look down barrel through rear sight aperture). 2) Pointing toward target – Hold pistol grip firmly with both hands while aiming at target ahead of you at eye level or slightly above/below depending on how close you are standing next to person or object being shot at.* Cleaning Your Airsoft Gun:You should clean your airsoft gun after every use so that dirt doesn’t build up inside which could eventually cause malfunctions during playtime later on down the road when things start getting dirty again after playing multiple days straight with no rest between sessions.”
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